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'I really enjoyed your course and learnt far more than I had anticipated when I first signed up. It was intense and at times I was a bit overwhelmed but you made it very interesting and informative and were always ready to help and guide us gently through. I have come away feeling that I gained valuable knowledge and a greater appreciation of garden design and therefore derive a greater enjoyment. Continue the great work!'
Comment from a participant in the inaugural 12 week course.
NVQ Amenity Horticulture Level 1
After detailed consultation with TVET Council (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) we are pleased to announce the commencement of NVQB (National Vocational Qualification Barbados) training in Amenity Horticulture Level 1. The NVQB Amenity Horticulture programme is aimed at raising the standards of all gardening staff including grounds staff, nursery workers, gardeners – both private and commercial, landscapers etc.

The course is a ten week day-release programme with the assessment taking place during the final week. The programme will commence in April 2014. The cost of the programme is BBD1375 but with funding from the ETF the cost will be as low as BBD635

Employers who have fully paid National Insurance Contributions pay a percentage of those funds to an Employment and Training Fund (ETF). They will receive back a substantial percentage from this fund towards the cost of training staff to NVQB standards. Ultimately this  will vastly reduce the cost of this course.  LET'S GET OUR GARDENERS TRAINED!!

​​Comprehensive Garden Design 16 weeks (final 4 weeks voluntary)
Week 1 - Introduction, Principles and Elements of Garden Design
Week 2 - History of Garden Design, Influential Designers and Garden Styles
Week 3 - Colour Theory
Week 4 - Practical - Garden Styles, Colours and Plants 
​Week 5 - Survey and Garden Visit (On Site)
Week 6 - Drawing Plans to Scale
Week 7 - Plants and Plant Nomenclature
Week 8 - Principles and Elements of Planting Design
Week 9 - Planting Design Practicals
Week 10 - Planting Plans
​Week 11 - Examination
Week 12-16  - Comprehensive Garden Design 

Introduction to Garden Design 4 weeks Sat morning
Week 1 - Introduction, Principles and Elements of Garden Design
Week 2 - History of Garden Design, Influential Designers and Garden Styles
Week 3 - Colour Theory
Week 4 - Practical - Garden Styles, Colours and Plants​

Plants and Planting Design 4 weeks Sat afternoon
Week 1 - Plants and Plant Nomenclature
Week 2 - Principles and Elements of Planting Design
Week 3 - Planting Plans
Week 4 - Practical - Planting Styles, Colours and Plants​

Garden and Planting Design 1 week
Programme similar to below

Introduction to Garden Design 1 and 2 day Workshops 
Introduction, Principles and Elements of Garden Design,  History of Garden Design, Influential Designers, Garden Styles, Colour Theory

Plants and Planting Design 3 days
Wednesday morning - Plant Nomenclature and Plant Types
Wednesday afternoon - Principles of Planting Design
Thursday morning - Elements of Planting Design and Colour Theory - Exercise
Thursday afternoon - Planting Designs, Plant Combinations and Drawing Plans to Scale
Friday morning - Drawing Plans to Scale and Planting Plans - Exercise
Friday afternoon - Planting Plans – Exercise

Backyard Gardening Workshop
Soil and bed preparation; container gardening; seeds and seedlings; companion planting; plant care and maintenance; and pests and diseases – their identification and control – organic and inorganic are all covered during this workshop which includes lectures and practical tasks.

Garden Wall Designs is now at Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados​​
CAD Workshops
Landscape Design using Pro-contractor Studio
Learn to create professional 2-dimensional drawings. Commands such as plant placement, shadow placement, quantity labels, and area and volume calculations will make the whole process of design more efficient.

Irrigation Design using Pro-contractor Studio
This program is based on the ubiquitous RainCad technology. Design your sprinkler distribution system with this valuable tool which includes sprinkler placement, automatic pipe sizing, cost estimates, and hydraulic calculations.

3D Rendering using Google Sketch-Up
Learn how to create stylish 3D images. Add materials, components to enliven your drawings. Create perspective views and walk-throughs and allow your designs to become 3-Dimensional animated experiences.
From where it all started to now. Sharon Cooke retrained as a garden designer following a career in banking and a degree in politics. Her garden in east London, above left, started her passion. This has led her to Barbados where many of her gardens are designed not only to be great to look at, but are full of edible herbs, fruit and vegetables as shown in the concept image to the right.