Garden Wall Designs is now at Andromeda Botanic Gardens!
  The Courses

  New for 2014
 NVQ - Amenity Horticulture Level 1

  1 Day per week over 10 weeks

Garden and Planting Design
  5 Day Workshop Mon-Fri​​​ ​​

  Let's Get Growing!
  1 Day Workshop

  Comprehensive Garden Design
  16 weeks Sat mornings

Introduction to Garden Design
  1 Day Workshop
  4 weeks Sat mornings

  Plants and Planting Design
  4 weeks Sat afternoons

  CAD - Landscape Design
  Pro Contractor Studio
  5 days full time

  CAD - Irrigation Design
  Pro Contractor Studio 
  3 days full time

  CAD - 3D Rendering
  3 days full time - COMING SOON!!

 Many courses are available as 'in-house'
​training.  Garden Wall Designs will come to your
​establishment to train you or your staff. Many
​courses can also be tailored to your requirements. 
​Call for details.

MISSION STATEMENT - Garden Wall Designs  ulltimate aim is to provide quality education, training and consultancy in all aspects of garden and landscape design; horticulture;  and garden and landscape construction in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean.

ADMISSION POLICY – The courses are open to individuals over the age of 18. These courses are privately run and admission is subject to the consent of the course tutor.
                         Garden Wall Designs 
          Garden Design and Landscape Courses
Garden Wall Designs offers a series of Garden Design courses, as well as a selection of practical horticulture programmes. These are targeted at a variety of individuals from homeowners to those involved in the profession.

The programmes range from 1 day workshops up to 16 week courses with class hours ranging from 6 hours tuition up to 70 hours.

Classes are held at Divi Southwinds, Christ Church; Nature Care Garden Centre, Christ Church; and now at Andromeda Botanic Gardens, St Joseph.

Garden and Planting Design Courses
All non-CAD design courses are a combination of lectures and practical workshops. They are intensive, interesting and informative. Students are actively encouraged to participate in class discussions.

The aim of all courses is to enable participants to develop a sound understanding of certain key aspects of garden and planting design and to provide the knowledge of how to design effectively and confidently.

These programmes are particularly suitable for those in the profession, as well as private garden owners.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Courses
The CAD courses are a welcome addition to the programmes offered by Garden Wall Designs. These courses are particularly suitable for those in the profession or aiming to enter this exciting and creative industry. CAD skills are becoming increasing valuable in garden design. Once these skills are learnt the whole process of design becomes efficient and more professional.

While some of these CAD workshops represent a superb progression from the garden and planting design courses, they are ‘stand-alone’ programmes. They are suitable for those industry professionals with knowledge of garden or planting design. Furthermore, the irrigation design workshop is only open to those with experience of watering systems.

Let's Get Growing Workshop A variety of tasks associated with ‘growing your own’ will be covered during this practical one-day Workshop including design; soil and compost;  seeds and seedlings; companion planting;  and pests and diseases – their identification and organic means of control. A ‘must-do’ course for the home gardener. There are plenty of practical activities; lots of information about organic gardening; and plenty of goodies to take home.

From where it all started to now. Sharon Cooke retrained as a garden designer following a career in banking and a degree in politics. Her garden in east London, above left, started her passion. This has led her to Barbados where many of her gardens are designed not only to be great to look at, but are full of edible herbs, fruit and vegetables as shown in the concept image to the right.